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We advance and disseminate knowledge in the design and use of filtration and separation techniques in industry, commerce and other walks of life.

2011 Programme  

18 May 2011 – Short Course: Principles of Industrial Filtration
Runcorn, UK

This short course is a review of the processes involved in the separation of solids from liquids, which emphasises practical aspects and presents appropriate theoretical information.

7 June Technical Visit to BOC, Brinsworth (Rotherham)

Overview of Separation Processes used by BOC, followed by plant tour and visit to Remote Operating Centre. BOC has invited The Filtration Society to visit its Brinsworth production facility in order to see filtration on a large scale for air pre-treatment and cryogenic separation.

12 October – Short Course: Media for Gas and Liquid Filtration
Chester, UK

This course is of interest to engineers, scientists, managers and other technical personnel concerned with filter media and their applications in solid-liquid separation and solid-gas filtration processes. They will find the course informative, regardless of whether they design, purchase, research or use filter media or filtration and separation equipment. Plant engineers, technicians and operators will find the course materials directly applicable, and graduate students will value the expert introduction to the technologies.

The course is a review of the processes involved in the manufacture, properties and applications of filter media used in liquid and air (gas) filtration. It will draw upon the presenters in depth knowledge of industrial applications and extensive R&D experience, and the emphasis will be on practical aspects with theoretical information presented only where needed to support understanding of the applications. The topics that will be covered include:

  • The Role of Media in Filtration
  • Fibres and Yarns for Filter Media
  • Woven Media – Production, Structure and Properties
  • Non-woven Media – Production, Structure and Properties
  • Membranes and Reactive Media
  • Testing Filter Media for Gas Applications
  • Characterising and Testing Filter Media for Liquid Applications

13 October – Filter Media 5
Chester, UK

The filter medium is the critical component that determines whether a filter process will perform adequately to give the desired separation efficiency. One of the key roles of a filter medium is to create a clear separation of particulate from a fluid or gas with the minimum consumption of energy. This one day conference will bring together people interested in advances in new filter media that are being applied in industry. From tightening legislation to the growing number of finer, more demanding, filter processes, new filter media developments are constantly being driven by customer requirements. It has been 2 years since the last filter media one-day meeting organised by the Society. Since then new developments have taken place in media for both gas and liquid applications. This meeting will feature key elements of these developments, including the role of design of media, recent products grown from industrial R&D, and different modern filter media technologies in successful applications case studies. The continued development of filter media is key in many filtration processes and will be of particular interest to process engineers, designers, technical and R&D staff, research institutes and decision makers.

13 October – Annual General Meeting

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