Experts in filtration and separation

We advance and disseminate knowledge in the design and use of filtration and separation techniques in industry, commerce and other walks of life.

Previous Chairmen of the Society  

2016- N. Burns2014-16 M. Crooks2012-14 T. Sparks
2011-12 E.S. Tarleton2010-11 J. Taylor2008-10 D. Dubbin
2006-08 L. Holliday2004-06 G. Rideal2002-04 R. Lydon
2000-02 E.S. Tarleton1999-00 V. Hughes1998-99 K. Sutherland
1997-98 J. Gregory1996-97 K. Morris1995-96 P. Nield
1994-95 C. Smith1993-94 C. Withers1992-93 N. Beaton
1991-92 C. Smith1990-91 R.A. Feather1989-90 E. Rothwell
1987-89 R.J. Wakeman1986-87 L. Benjamins1985-86 R.W.K. Allen
1984-85 H. Sandstedt1983-84 W.G. Norris1982-83 N.R. Heriot
1981-82 N. Whiteside1980-81 P. Swift1979-80 W. Shoemaker
1978-79 A. Rushton1977-78 D.E. Butterworth1976-77 C.J. Smith
1975-76 R. Bosley1974-75 W.T. Cosby1973-74 A.S. Ward
1972-73 R.G. Dorman1971-72 R.M. Wells1970-71 D.M. Wyllie
1969-70 C.M. Thomas1968-69 D.B. Purchas1967-68 P.L. Pocock
1966-67 C.W. Hawkes1965-66 K.J. Ives1964-65 H.K. Suttle
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