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Previous Chairmen of the Society

2016- N. Burns2014-16 M. Crooks2012-14 T. Sparks
2011-12 E.S. Tarleton2010-11 J. Taylor2008-10 D. Dubbin
2006-08 L. Holliday2004-06 G. Rideal2002-04 R. Lydon
2000-02 E.S. Tarleton1999-00 V. Hughes1998-99 K. Sutherland
1997-98 J. Gregory1996-97 K. Morris1995-96 P. Nield
1994-95 C. Smith1993-94 C. Withers1992-93 N. Beaton
1991-92 C. Smith1990-91 R.A. Feather1989-90 E. Rothwell
1987-89 R.J. Wakeman1986-87 L. Benjamins1985-86 R.W.K. Allen
1984-85 H. Sandstedt1983-84 W.G. Norris1982-83 N.R. Heriot
1981-82 N. Whiteside1980-81 P. Swift1979-80 W. Shoemaker
1978-79 A. Rushton1977-78 D.E. Butterworth1976-77 C.J. Smith
1975-76 R. Bosley1974-75 W.T. Cosby1973-74 A.S. Ward
1972-73 R.G. Dorman1971-72 R.M. Wells1970-71 D.M. Wyllie
1969-70 C.M. Thomas1968-69 D.B. Purchas1967-68 P.L. Pocock
1966-67 C.W. Hawkes1965-66 K.J. Ives1964-65 H.K. Suttle