Experts in filtration and separation

We advance and disseminate knowledge in the design and use of filtration and separation techniques in industry, commerce and other walks of life.

Previous winners of the Gold Medal

2014 – Miko Huhtanen, Antti Häkkinen, Bjarne Ekberg and Juha Kallas – Software for Statistical Design of Experiments and Empirical Modelling of Cake Filtration

2011 – P.Pirkonen, H. Setala, H. Kyllonen, J. Sarlin, K. Salo, H. Tenhu and P. Ruuskanen – Thermal stimuli controlled functional filter cloth for liquid filtration

2008 – T. Sobisch, D. Lerche, T. Detloff, M. Beiser and A. Erk –  Tracing the centrifugal separation of fine-particle slurries by analytical centrifugation

2005 –  W. Ruziwa, N. Hanspal, A. Waghode, V. Nassehi and R.J. Wakeman –  Computer modelling of pleated cartridge filters for viscous fluids

2003 – O. Gundogdu, M.A. Koenders, R.J. Wakeman and P. Wu –  Permeation with vibrated media: Experiments and modelling

2001 – O. Larue, T. Mouroko-Mitoulou and E. Vorobiev – Filtration, cake washing and pressurised electroosmotic dewatering of a highly conductive silica suspension

1997 – E.S. Tarleton and D.L. Hancock – Imaging of filter cakes through electrical impedance tomography

1995 – W. Höflinger, C. Stöcklmayer and A. Hackl – Model calculation of the compression behaviour of dust filter cakes

1993 – R.J. Wakeman and E.S. Tarleton – Solid/liquid separation equipment simulation and design: An expert systems approach

1993 – K. Morris – Expert system control of fabric filters

1991 – P. Gang and F. Löffler – Combined separation and retainment of particulate and gaseous matter with cleanable filters

1988 – C.A. Smolders and G.B. van den Berg – Flux decline in membrane processes

1986 – D. Houi and R. Lenormand – Particle accumulation at the surface of a filter

1983 – S. Sembi and K.J. Ives – Optimisation of size-graded water filters

1980 – F. Löffler and G. Schuch- Wet scrubber design

1978 – F.M. Tiller and K.S. Chang – Delayed cake filtration

1976 – A. Rushton – Liquid-solid separation: Recent research evaluated

1974 – D.B. Purchas – One hundred years of the rotary vacuum filter

1972 –  R.D. Gwilliam – Development of the E.C.C. tube filter press

1970 – E.R. Baumann and C.S. Oulman – Polyelectrolyte coatings for filter media

1968 – R.S. Gale – Some aspects of the mechanical dewatering of sewage sludges

1966 – J. Murkes – How to precalculate the result of centrifugal separation

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