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Previous winners of the Gold Medal

2014 – Miko Huhtanen, Antti Häkkinen, Bjarne Ekberg and Juha Kallas – Software for Statistical Design of Experiments and Empirical Modelling of Cake Filtration

2011 – P.Pirkonen, H. Setala, H. Kyllonen, J. Sarlin, K. Salo, H. Tenhu and P. Ruuskanen – Thermal stimuli controlled functional filter cloth for liquid filtration

2008 – T. Sobisch, D. Lerche, T. Detloff, M. Beiser and A. Erk –  Tracing the centrifugal separation of fine-particle slurries by analytical centrifugation

2005 –  W. Ruziwa, N. Hanspal, A. Waghode, V. Nassehi and R.J. Wakeman –  Computer modelling of pleated cartridge filters for viscous fluids

2003 – O. Gundogdu, M.A. Koenders, R.J. Wakeman and P. Wu –  Permeation with vibrated media: Experiments and modelling

2001 – O. Larue, T. Mouroko-Mitoulou and E. Vorobiev – Filtration, cake washing and pressurised electroosmotic dewatering of a highly conductive silica suspension

1997 – E.S. Tarleton and D.L. Hancock – Imaging of filter cakes through electrical impedance tomography

1995 – W. Höflinger, C. Stöcklmayer and A. Hackl – Model calculation of the compression behaviour of dust filter cakes

1993 – R.J. Wakeman and E.S. Tarleton – Solid/liquid separation equipment simulation and design: An expert systems approach

1993 – K. Morris – Expert system control of fabric filters

1991 – P. Gang and F. Löffler – Combined separation and retainment of particulate and gaseous matter with cleanable filters

1988 – C.A. Smolders and G.B. van den Berg – Flux decline in membrane processes

1986 – D. Houi and R. Lenormand – Particle accumulation at the surface of a filter

1983 – S. Sembi and K.J. Ives – Optimisation of size-graded water filters

1980 – F. Löffler and G. Schuch- Wet scrubber design

1978 – F.M. Tiller and K.S. Chang – Delayed cake filtration

1976 – A. Rushton – Liquid-solid separation: Recent research evaluated

1974 – D.B. Purchas – One hundred years of the rotary vacuum filter

1972 –  R.D. Gwilliam – Development of the E.C.C. tube filter press

1970 – E.R. Baumann and C.S. Oulman – Polyelectrolyte coatings for filter media

1968 – R.S. Gale – Some aspects of the mechanical dewatering of sewage sludges

1966 – J. Murkes – How to precalculate the result of centrifugal separation