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Suttle Award Information

This award is named after the Founder-Chairman of the Society, Harold K. Suttle, in recognition of the encouragement he always gave to younger workers in the field of filtration and separation. The award consists of a certificate and a prize of £500.


Papers conforming to the rules of entry should be sent to the Secretary of the Society along with the appropriate paperwork (see below). Qualifying authors who submit an abstract and subsequently present their work at a Society technical meeting are invited to submit a full paper conforming to the rules of entry. Suitable papers should be sent to the Honorary Secretary.



  • The author(s) must be under 31 years of age at the date of submitting his/her paper. In the case of co-authorship, certificates will be given to each author and the cash value of the award will be divided between them.
  • The subject of the paper must lie in the broad field of particle/fluid separation.
  • The paper must be original and not have been published previously. It is not necessary for the subject matter to be based on the author(s)’s own original research; all categories of paper, for example, review papers and industrial or academic papers are eligible for consideration.
  • Papers submitted to the Society, and which will normally have been presented orally at a Society meeting, in the 2 years prior to 30 June in the presentation year may be eligible for the Award.
  • The paper should not normally exceed 3,000 words and must be in English. It should be headed with the title, name(s) and affiliation(s) of the author(s), with an abstract of no more than 80 words and up to 5 appropriate keywords.
  • The paper must be accompanied by a separate letter giving the author(s) name, address, birth date, a declaration of original authorship and a statement that the author(s) agree to the Rules governing the Award.
  • Previous winners of the Award and members of Council shall be ineligible.
  • Papers will be judged by a Panel of Adjudicators established by the Council of the Society. The technical or scientific content of the written paper and its significance to the broad field of particle/fluid separation will be assessed.
  • If after having selected the award winning paper(s) there are other papers considered to be particularly meritorious these will be recognised by the award of Certificates of Commendation.
  • The Adjudicators reserve the right not to make an Award.
  • The decision of the Adjudicators is final.
  • By agreeing to these Rules the author(s) assign Copyright of the paper to The Filtration Society. The Society reserves the right to publish the Award winning paper(s) and any other papers that the Panel of Adjudicators consider to be of sufficient merit.
  • The Award will normally be presented at the Annual Dinner of the Society, usually in the autumn of the presentation year.
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