Experts in filtration and separation

We advance and disseminate knowledge in the design and use of filtration and separation techniques in industry, commerce and other walks of life.

Previous winners of the Suttle Award

2014 – K. Chellappah – Quantifying changes in filter cake structure during an abrupt change
2009 – J. Robinson – Nanofiltration – A method of solute removal from liquid hydrocarbons
2005 – Christian Johansson – Measuring concentration and pressure profiles in deadend filtration
2000 – S. Reymann – The intermediate stage of the dead-end filtration process: New insights
1998 – A. Burgoyne and M.M. Vahdati – Permeate flux modelling of membrane distillation
1996 – D.C. Walsh – Recent advances in the understanding of fibrous filter behaviour under solid load
1994 ** N. Jackson – A model to simulate the structure and performance of cellular polymeric membranes: Structure, flux and filtration characteristics
1991 – C.J. Williams – Testing the performance of spool wound cartridge filters
1988 – E.S. Tarleton – The influence of electric fields and ultrasound on the membrane filtration of aqueous colloidal suspensions
1984 – R.G.J. Edyvean and A. Sneddon – Filtration of plankton from seawater
1981 – M. Mcinnerney – Magnetic permeability and the rotary magnetic drum separator
1979 – G. Broom – Adhesion of particles in fibrous air filters
1975 – A.C. Payatakes – Air filter efficiency
1973 – J.E. English – New approach to the mechanics of sieving and screening
1971 – R.J. Wakeman – Prediction of the washing performance of drained filter cakes

** 1994 Suttle Award. Special commendation certificate also presented to I.G. Wenten.

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