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We advance and disseminate knowledge in the design and use of filtration and separation techniques in industry, commerce and other walks of life.

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About the journal

The official journal of The Filtration Society

FILTRATION is the official journal of The Filtration Society and many other filtration societies and groups around the world including the American Filtration and Separations Society and The Nordic Filtration Society.

FILTRATION is given quarterly to members as a benefit of Individual Membership and to Corporate Associates as a part of their association package. This internationally recognised journal is intended to be a primary means of communication between both members and associates concerning matters related to filtration and separation. All papers published in FILTRATION are abstracted and indexed by Chemical Abstracts, GEOBASE, MEI Online and Scopus.

There are two principal sections in FILTRATION. The first contains articles that keep members abreast of news and events. Contents include:

  • Society News – a summary of Society Council business and discussions, including news from filtration societies around the world
  • Reports on sponsored meetings
  • Industrial news and developments

The second section contains informative papers about technical developments and updates in filtration and separation. The main foci are industries that are reliant on filtration technologies and research and development in industrial and university laboratories. FILTRATION aims to publish original contributions in the broad field of filtration, separation, clarification, dust control and related processes. All papers are professionally reviewed and the journal is overseen by an international Editorial Board. Abstracts from these papers can be viewed using the dropdown menu under “Journal” at the top of this page.

To view examples of previously published papers  use the links below:

General guidance notes on the form of papers are available in the Notes for Authors, including submission instructions.

FILTRATION also accepts advertising, principally in the form of quarter,  half and full page adverts.

If you are interested in contributing an article or a paper, or you are interested in placing an advert, then please contact us:

The Filtration Society
Tel: +44 (0)7368 268755

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