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Conferences and technical visits are organised regularly by The Filtration Society. These provide excellent opportunities to network with filtration and separation specialists and to learn about the latest technical information in filtration and separation technology. Every year several hundred people from many organizations attend Filtration Society events. Many companies send representatives to keep them abreast of up-to-date developments Рthese companies understand the value of employees with knowledge of the latest information in filtration and separation technology. Most of the Society’s conferences are attended by people from many countries, making them truly international events.

The autumn conference is accompanied by an industrial exhibition which focuses on the main theme of the conference, which is always popular amongst delegates.

Members are entitled to register at any Society event at a reduced rate. Attendance at Filtration Society meetings is open to all – members, non-members and non-UK delegates. All delegates receive a comprehensive set of bound notes which have always proved to be a very popular and up to date reference source.