The Filtration Society

About Us

The Filtration Society was formed in 1964 in London; it is a charitable organization with the goal of technology transfer of separation technologies and existing filtrations and promoting research and development in new areas. 

The Filtration society has powerful links with academia and industry. This society’s official journal is called FILTRATION, and it has become the top publication of its kind internationally and is an invaluable resource for engineers and scientists.

The Filtration Journal

The Filtration journal is released quarterly to the members as a benefit of the individual membership. The journal is also given to corporate associates as part of the association package. 

This internationally recognized journal is a primary form of communication between associates and members. The journal has two key sections; the first section consists of articles that keep members up to date with the latest events and news. 

The second section contains informative papers about technical updates and developments in separation and filtration. The main focus of the journal is industries that rely on various filtration technologies. 

The Filtration Society aims to publish original contributions from the broad field of dust control, clarification, separation, and filtration.

Filtration for Casinos

Filtration systems are important for casinos as employees are exposed to various air pollution that can significantly harm their health. An air filtration system can ensure the air in the casino is free of harmful bacteria, viruses, and other dangerous components that can harm your health. Keeping the casino clean with an air filtration system is also easier. Here are some other benefits of installing an air filtration system in a casino.

Benefits of Installing an Air-Filtration Systems for Casinos

Protect the Customers

There are indoor toxins in casinos and other enclosed places that are unsafe for humans, and an air filtration system will remove them. 

Increases the lifespan of the Air Conditioner

One of the long-term benefits of installing an air filtration system is that it can increase the lifespan of the air conditioner. Large amounts of indoor pollution can put a lot of strain on the HVAC system.  Fans, filters, and other parts of an air conditioner function less effectively when they are clogged with pollutants and dust.

A Better Smelling Casino

If you are in a casino with many smokers, then the casino building will consist of some stubborn scents that are difficult to neutralize. One of the main benefits of installing an air filtration system is that it can remove these stubborn scents.